Professional Installation Services - Swingset Solutions

Take the swingbeam away ....

Small yard or limited play area? Or, kids more focused on the fort than the swings? This selection does double duty.
Limited Space Take away the swingbeam and A-frame to save space for smaller yards or compact play areas, and utilize a single or double swing-arm instead. Or perhaps no swings at all - just a cool "tree house".
Older Kids If the kids are more interested in a clubhouse or playhouse,  somewhere to play or hang out, these units offer that, along with a swing or two, if wanted.

We can modify almost any model to fit your space needs. We are happy to have our expert come to your home for a consultation and help you figure out a solution that works for your space.
Choose from these models or have us help you create a custom configuration.

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Original Playcenter with double swing-armOriginal Playcenter with double swing-arm
15 L x 12 W

Original Fort with single swing-armOriginal Fort with single swing-arm
10 L x 16.6 W

Original Playcenter with single swing-armOriginal Playcenter with single swing-arm
(slide over ladder)
8 L x 16.6 W

Deluxe Fort with double swing-armDeluxe Fort with double swing-arm
15 L x 17 W

Deluxe Playcenter with double swing-armDeluxe Playcenter with double swing-arm
18 L x 12 W

Ways To Save Space
Choose a 2-position swingbeam instead of a 3-position beam.
Choose a double swing-arm instead of a swingbeam.
Re-position the slide, rockwall, or ladder.

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