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Play Safe
playground surfacesWe can help make your backyard playground safe and attractive with our quality surface products.

Enhance your swingset play-area with safety surfacing, like our premium recycled rubber mulch and attractive rubber borders.
We use only the highest quality products from a trusted company. Our rubber mulch is chemical-free and totally safe.
For an estimate, call to schedule an appointment with our installer.*
Customers who purchase a swingset with us automatically receive a discounted price on surface products.

rubber mulch in variety of colorspremium rubber playground mulch comes in a variety of colors
residential recycled rubber mulch is the ideal surface for outdoor play structures,
safe, durable, and attractive

rubber mats for playground surfacethese heavy-duty mats work great under swings, at the end of slides, under rockwalls and ladders, offering padded protection for children and avoiding dirt and mud patches

rubber bendable borders

                                                                                                                       create an attractive border around your playset with                                                                                flexible rubber borders that curve and contour around your                                                                        desired play-space

Before                                                                       After
after rubber mulchbefore rubber mulch

rubber mulch, durable and long-lasting, drains exceptionally well, helps control weeds and insects, is non-toxic and non-staining

brown rubber mulch for playground surfacered rubber mulch for playground surface

blue rubber mulch for playground surfacegreen rubber mulch for playground surface
Plastic Borders 6" or 12"
Plastic Borders 6" or 12"
46" long, 12" high, 4" wide OR 52" long, 6" high, 4" wide: includes spikes: brown or black
Rubber Bendable Borders
Rubber Bendable Borders
48" long, 4" high, 3.6" wide: includes spikes: brown or red