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You decide to buy a playset for your family. Where do you start?

Purchasing a playset is a big decision! And then finding one is another story. Finding the right one for your family is the key. But what does that mean? How do you know what the right one is? 

That answer will be different for every family. And with so many brands, types, models, and companies out there, where do you start?

What's important?

There are many things to consider in your choice of a playset. Here are some factors that will help you start your planning.

• yard space - how much yard space do you want to allocate to the playset, and what area do you want to place it in?

• size of playset - do you want a smaller basic playset or do you want something larger; do you want to start with a basic set and add on to it later?

• type of playset - do you want a pre-designed playset or would you like to create a custom design and have choices?

• budget - how much do you want to spend on your playset?

Starting Points

base style



base size

20 sq ft, 25 sq ft, 35 sq ft

deck height

5 ft, 5.5 ft, 6.5 ft, 7.5 ft


single level



roof type

vinyl canopy

wood roof


2 position beam

3 position beam

4 position beam

single swing-arm

double swing-arm

no beam or arm (just a base)


*what activities would your child(ren) enjoy most?



picnic table

swivel tire swing

swivel hammock swing

enclosed playhouse



belt swing

toddler bucket swing

infant swing

trapeze swing

rope disc swing

glider swing

hammock swing

tire swing

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