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JumpSport and Alley Oop Trampolines

 JumpSport is the first and only company to design and engineer the World's Safest Trampolines! Alley Oop Trampolines include Patented Safety Technology with integrated safety enclosure and represent the ultimate evolution in trampoline safety and fun. 

"Protecting kids while still letting them have a great time is what

JumpSport and Alley Oop Sports are all about.

That's why we're so thrilled to offer our trampoline safety systems

to families everywhere. You can’t buy a safer play structure for your

backyard and no other activity can match the health and fitness

benefits of jumping."

~Mark Publicover,

Product Safety Inventor & CEO, JumpSport, Inc.

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Alley Oop

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Professional Installation $299

Add-ons and Accessories

JumpSport trampoline basketball set

JumpSport Pro-Flex Basketball Game


Alley Oop trampoline basketball set

Alley Oop Pro-Flex Basketball Game


trampoline ladder

2 step or 3 step



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