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Go Big! 


Want something larger, with more play components? We have it covered!

Choose one of our pre-designed mega playsets packed with fun!


Create a mega playset by combining two base units, and add components and accessories to design your own unique backyard adventure!

You can choose wood roofs or canopy roofs, one slide or multiple slides - it's your choice! 

There are so many options to choose from.

Use our cool crawl tunnel or wood bridge to connect the bases. There's lots of room for climbing activities - rockwalls, ramps, rope-climbing ladders, monkeybars.

Finish off your playground with ship wheels, telescopes, periscopes, binoculars, chalkboards, and more, to transform them into whatever your kids can imagine - 

a pirate ship, a superhero's fortress, a royal castle.

And let the fun begin .....

Let their imagination soar!

Below are our most popular package mega combo playsets, ready to go!

Or work with our team to create a custom mega playset.

click images for details

Supreme Dual Mega 

Deluxe Dual Mega

Original Dual Mega

Original Fort High Roller

Original Fort High Roller

Footprint 20 L x 18 W   $7299   

lower enclosure, cafe table, rockwall, skyloft

10 ft wave slide, spiral slide

Turbo Original Playcenter Bonanza

Turbo Original Playcenter Bonanza

Footprint 23 L x 20 W   $6450

rockwall, rope ladder, monkeybars, skyloft

11 ft scoop slide, spiral slide

Work with our skilled team to create a Custom Mega Playset!

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