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Message To Our Customers

The playset industry (swing sets, trampolines) has dealt with many challenges since the onset of the pandemic, and is still experiencing ongoing effects. This primarily includes extra-long wait times for fulfilling orders, shipment delays, and backorders. This is an industry-wide occurrence; every play equipment company is experiencing the same conditions and pressures.

Please know that we at Swingset Solutions are doing everything we possibly can to get playset orders to our clients as quickly as possible. There are variables we have no control over, and we are completely open and transparent about this upfront to all potential clients. We have been very clear that we can only give estimations (best guesses) regarding time frames for installation, as well as the potential for manufacturing and freight/shipping delays. We could not guarantee a particular time period, but we do give our word that we will get them to everyone as soon as we possibly can.

We are having difficulty getting back to the very high volume of voicemails and emails; please know we are not intentionally ignoring these messages. We apologize if we are overlooking some; the volume is quite overwhelming. While we understand t is hard to wait, we would respectfully request that you please wait until we contact you for installation.

On the installation end, our team is working incredibly hard (full weeks and long hours) to get playsets to clients as soon as possible; they are working double overtime!

We hope that all clients understand that we do not have control over these long waits and delays, and that we are all working extra hard and doing everything we can to get the playsets where they belong - in your backyards.

We are very grateful and appreciative of your patience and understanding.

We thank you for entrusting us with your family's home playground.

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