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A Swingset For
Every Family at Swingset Solutions!
We can help with all your home playground needs. We offer personalized consultations to every customer to help figure out the best options for them. Every family has different factors to consider, different expectations and needs. We have lots of options!
From store visit or home consultation to purchase to installation to follow-up care, we will guide you through the process with professional, dedicated, friendly customer service. We'll offer insights and advice with absolutely no sales pressure. We make customer service our first priority and strive to provide a positive, productive customer experience. You'll find its what sets us apart from our competitors. Our passion and dedication is what we're all about.

Call or visit us, ask questions, get information -
let's talk swingsets!

 Whether you choose phone, email, or a visit, our Playground Expert can answer questions, give information and advice, and help you create a playground plan that perfectly fits your family.
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The best in high quality wooden swingsets!

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premium modular cedar playsets in a variety of styles and sizes

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We specialize in custom designed playsets!

Swingset Services
* install any brand/model swingsets                             
* moves, re-positions, take-downs, disposals
* add-ons and/or modifications
* repairs, replacement parts
* refurbish - maintenance (sand, stain, seal), power-wash, tighten hardware, tune-up, safety check 
* assemble playhouses, trampolines, basketball units, lofts, and other play equipment
* install safety surfacing (mulch, borders)

We are experienced, skilled playground experts who have many years in the playset industry. We emphasize excellent customer service to help your family with all aspects of your swingset needs. We make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with your sale or service experience with us.

Find the right swingset! Whether you choose one of our popular pre-configured models, or want to create a customized configuration, we are here to help you figure out your best options based on your specific factors.
Buying a swingset is a big undertaking, and we encourage you to use our knowledge and experience to help you find the best playset for your family. We'll work with your space and budget needs, and review the many available options to find the best swingset solution for you. We are very confident that we can create a playset that fits your family!

We offer "house calls" - a personalized at-home sales consultation, right in your backyard. After viewing our swingsets online, we can come to your home to assess your yard, consider any issues or challenges, measure and mark out your "play area",  review options, and help you map out your swingset plan. This ensures that the dimensions (or footprint) of the swingset will fit in your designated space properly and safely. We will take the time to explain all the different factors in choosing a swingset - the difference in woods, configurations, design and construction features, sizes, accessories, future add-ons, follow-up care, maintenance, and  safety issues.  We'll offer insights and advice to help you make the best decision for your family.

Our approach:  We consider ourselves swingset consultants more than sales people. We never use pressure or gimmicks, and we encourage you to shop around and compare products and service.  We would never sell a swingset that we wouldn't let our own children play on. Let us use our years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to help you find your family's perfect play experience.
Come talk swingsets with us!

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