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Our Swingset Services

We KNOW playsets! Our expert team can help with your play equipment needs. 

* install any brand/model swingset or playset

* moves, relocations, re-position in yard

* take-downs, disposals

* repairs, replacement parts, add-ons, modifications

* refurbish - maintenance; sand, stain, seal, tighten hardware, tune-up, safety check

* install playground surfacing (mulch, borders, etc)

* assemble trampolines, basketball units, playhouses, outdoor play equipment, and more

Playset & Playhouse Installation

We install all boxed playset kits from BJs, Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Toys R Us, Sears, any sets ordered online. We are familiar with almost every brand on the market.

We work with many Craigslist and eBay buyers/sellers, moving, installing, and servicing second-hand swingsets. We highly recommend having a professional do an assessment and installation when purchasing or receiving a second-hand playset.

Our maintenance and makeover services are in high demand!    

              We can refurbish older, worn, faded sets and restore them to a fresh-looking, safe, functional condition to be enjoyed once again. In some cases, we can get your swingset to look almost brand new again.

We offer follow-up care/preventive maintenance packages to newly purchased swingsets to keep them from getting weathered, worn, faded out, and unappealing to use. We recommend annual "tune-ups" (more below) and regular maintenance to protect and care for your investment.

We use factory-quality premium stain/seal that not only restores the fresh redwood/cedar tone to the wood, but also seals and protects it. We hand-brush the stain and seal on to protect the wood's texture and smoothness. This is the best treatment for your swingset and can be used on any wood type.

You may also choose to apply clear seal for protection, especially on newer sets that still have their color.

We can handle almost any playset repair and apply fixes to most swingset issues, and/or make recommendations and install replacement parts for almost any brand/model.

Tune-ups (tightening hardware, safety checks) are annual services you can utilize to keep your swingset in top form.

If you purchase a used swingset, it is advisable to have it checked before use.

On the move? Take your swingset with you! We'll dis-assemble, transport, and re-assemble your swingset. Kids outgrew it? We can take-down and dispose of any unwanted set.

We also provide moves and take-downs for trampolines, basketball hoops, playhouses, and other play equipment.

Prices for services vary greatly, depending on many factors. There are 2 ways to get a quote for a particular service.

• Make an appointment for us to come do an estimate (small charge that will be applied to your service)

• Email a description of the set, what you need/want done, along with several good, clear photos. If you know the brand, model, and age of the set, include that information. For a set you're purchasing online that you want assembled, send the link.

Using the email method will definitely expedite the estimate process.

Appointments will usually be scheduled within 2 weeks, depending on the time of year.

Some factors in determining price

* the size of the set (in conjunction with other factors)

* complexity level of construction: size doesn't account for the complexity of the construction process, as some sets are modular and assemble much quicker and easier while typical "kits" are a much longer, piece-by-piece construction process

* type of structure: is it a single or multi-level structure? one or more forts? what components does it have - rockwall, ramp, tube slide, monkeybars? does it have a vinyl tarp or wood roof? does the fort have open slats or solid panels?

* for moves, the from/to locations

* for maintenance, the overall condition (and age) of set

Note For Service Jobs -

During the "Spring/Summer Rush", we get booked out several weeks, so plan and call ahead to schedule accordingly.

Refurbished Swingsets

We frequently receive donations from families who have outgrown their swingsets or are moving and will not be taking it with them.

A premium set will still be in good structural condition for many years. We refurbish them, replace hardware, possibly replace swings and/or accessories, and sell our refurbished models for the cost of labor/parts. These are great deals!

We only accept high-quality premium sets (certain brands) that are in good structural condition, are safe, and that we know can be used and enjoyed for many more years. After the work our experts put into them, they are as good as new.

We never know when they'll come in, and they go out quickly!

When we have refurbished units available, we'll have them listed on this page.

Swingsets Installed & Serviced

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